Hosting Provider & Co – How To Make a Website (Part 1)

The creation and management of a web page seems to be simple at the first glance. The TV shows that the cration of a webpage is very easy. However the more closer you will set up with the topic, the more ambiguities occurs. The question: “How to make a Website and on what should be taken?” can not be easily answered. And it should not be simply answered that. Finally, it is necessary to analyze many aspects of this task and to draw the right conclusions. This series is intended to answer some of the important and frequently asked questions about the creation and management of a webpage. The series of articles should give you an aid for better decisions. In addition to technical issues, topics about various service providers in the field of webdevelopment are included. The first part concerns in particular the choice of a hosting provider. An issue that is often underestimated. If the decision is made for a website, mostly the first step is searching for and choosing a hosting provider. In many cases, a provider is chosen, which has either very low costs or includes a software to support the cration for non technical people. Hereinafter, the problems about such decisions. The problems are combined with either inexperience and/or missing skills. In particular, about the “Ready-go! Mentality” will be drawn attention to. The article is not concerned to answer the question (How to make a website) only on a technical level. It deals with the fundamental issues of individual websites: what is needed, what technical requirements are necessary, etc. The following articles deals more and more with the technical implementation of webpages.

The “Ready-go! Mentality” And The Problem(s) With It

Do you know that statement, too: “I want to create a website and I have to start immediately now.” A lot of people have these thoughts. As I sat down personally with the issue of creating a website, I acted the same way. Also, some people are known to me, which have fallen into this pattern of thought. All of the people, including me, had several problems with it and it came to bad results. The reason for it was simple non-knowledge on the field of creating a webpage. On the one hand the people didn’t now quite clearly what is needed to know. On the other hand thoughts about the requirements were not done.
Two examples should illustrate the problem further. Besides my problems an example on how to create a website of an artist will be presented:

  1. Own Experience

    My first website that I had created was basically a disaster. The webpage could be visited without any error, but the maintainability was not given. With the website I wanted to get a little extra income. Before this moment I had no knowledge about creating websites (yet), so I chose a hosting provider with a supplied editor for this task. With the editor the design could be selected and adjusted visually. The texts could be entered in the visual representation. At first glance it sounds good, but for the source code it was very poor. All elements of the website were nested table elements (table in table in table). This construct resulted to small visual differences in the position of elements. And by many interleaved tables it is to difficult to change this manually.
    Further problems:

    • Each page is a single file. Thus, every file needs to be changed in textual changes accurately. On the other hand changes in the design all files have to be adapted. The maintainability is extremely bad.
    • The SEO can be forgotten completely. The search engine crawlers immediately grades down a website with bad source code. Therefore The result of a search engine optimization runs out to zero.
  2. A Webpage Of An Artist

    One friend, who is also active as an female artist, had made up her mind: “I need a website!” The impulse was there and she selected a hosting provider immediately which has a so-called “website builder” included. On a own research, a template can be selected and adjustments can be made with it. Unlike me, the source code appears to be relatively clean. The problem was still: She can’t use it because of a lack of technical knowledge of the software. It turns out that even the supporting tools can’t help when no technically knowledge is given.

    Besides the technical problems, there was another major problem: What domain name should have the website? This is a question that is difficult to answer and will not be discussed in detail here. However, it can be said that it depents on the idea of the website. If you want to present yourself and your work, the name of the person could be used his name trying to brand yourself. When niche products are presented and may be offered another name could be in question, of course. As you can clearly see, no thinking about the details was made. In addition to presenting the form, a store could be itegriert, etc. Then the domain name could be different, too.

Summary Of The Problems

As you can easily see, a good planning must be done before creating a website. In particular, the choice of the domain name should be carefully considered. Finally, the domain name is part of the search engine optimization. For the decision decent Keyword Analysis has to be done. In addition, considerations about the functional and technical requirements should be given in advance. For this you should answer the questions which software you want to use and what technical requirements it has / they have. If a hosting provider would be choosen first without this thoughts, then the technical requirements would not be met often. In this case you would have to change the hosting provider. This depends often with additional costs. Moreover, the handling with the used software should be known. Otherwise, the best software does not help.

Which Type Of Webpage do you want?

This question should be answered first, because the answer of this question is important for keyword analysis and the later used domain name. Also it is important for the technical conditions which must be met. If the webpage would have include a e-shop, a software is required to manage it. Or maybe you want to use a blog or content management system (short: CMS) additionally to do more for the SEO of your webpage. For this you need a software, too. With the answering of the question of the goals of the website and how do you want to achieve them, you will find your way better. The more precisely you define your goals, the more it will give you. Incidentally, I would advise to use a CMS even without a blog, because hereby programming and content maintenance will be separated from each other. So people without knowledge of the programming can create new content.

After answering these questions you can or (better) you should decide on a software in the respective areas.Since the amount of software in each field is enormous, you will need to obtain an overview of the respective type of software. Although many are identical on the technical requirements, but they can still differ. Therefore, a search in advance is definitely worthwhile.

Knowledge And Skills

If you have already made a few thoughts about what kind of website you need, then you may have noticed that it is not necessarily as easy as you imagined. Of course, you can deploy standardized websites in simple steps with a software, but even here a few skills are needed. Some people fail at the registry of a suitable domain or can’t install a selected software correctly. You can see: It is neccessary to know what skills you or maybe your employee have. Maybe you have the idea of using an hosted server (dedicated or virtual). Think about it! Do you have the knowledge of managing this one?

If no knowledge exist, then choosing a hosting provider with an automatic or 1-click installation of your desired software would be suitable. Or you should organize a good service provider who manage all these things for you. But do not forget that using a service provider comes at a price but in the case of no knowledge in this fields, it could save your time and nerves. There are a dime a dozen of such service providers with very different value differences. If good knowledge exist on your side and no external service is required, the choice of hosting provider can be oriented solely on the performance and the technical conditions fitting to your selected software.

Which Hosting Provider Is Suitable For Me?

As you can see, it is a question that can only be answered individually well and in my opinion it can only be answered individually. In most cases the knowledge in this field is very low. So you have to be carefully by choosing one hosting provider. Are the questions above answered, the choice is probably far easier. A list of available software types is certainly a very good support for the choice, as well as a list of possible hosting providers. The respective lists, however, should include the technical requirements and the range of functions, so a search is much faster. Would you choose a service provider, then the provider would take normally the choice, or host your domain(s) and website itself.


The basis for answering the question “How to make a website?” you have learned here. You have seen the importance of thinking about the basics like the domain, the technical requirements and skills for choosing the right options for one hosting provider or other service provider(s). Additionally problems by doing it to fast without having a plan comes to bad solutions. By answering the questions you will make better decisions.