A CMS Comparison in 11 Easy Steps – How To Find The Right CMS For Your Project

CMS Comparison - Write and manage content

The article 6 Myths about Content Management Systems has already described that the selection of a content management system (short: CMS) accordingly dependents on the individual project and its requirements. Therefore, the focus of this article is a CMS comparison which shows the important requirements you have to look at. Use the 11 simple steps…

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6 Myths Uncovered About Content Management Systems – How To Make A Website (Part 4)

Myths uncovered

In the previous part it has been demonstrated how to learn HTML and CSS can be very simple. This was done before because without this knowledge it is very difficult to build a good website either you use content management systems (short: CMS). In this part 6 myths about Content Management Systems are revealed to…

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Learn HTML and CSS – An Unconventional Guide – How To Make A Website (Part 3)

Learn HTML and CSS

The topic Learn HTML and CSS is no rocket science and can be quickly learned even without programming knowledge. The previous articles of “How to Make a Website” dealt less with the technical implementation of creating a web-page. Now the time has come closer to sit down with the technical implementation apart. This guide is…

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Keyword Research (A SEO Tip) – How To Make a Website (Part 2)


As discussed in the first part, the choice of the domain name is a point for the search engine optimization (short: SEO). The following article discusses one important SEO tip, the keyword research. In addition to finding a fitting domain name it would help increasing the ranking of a webpage. The keyword research plays a…

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