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Keyword Research (A SEO Tip) – How To Make a Website (Part 2)

As discussed in the first part, the choice of the domain name is a point for the search engine optimization (short: SEO). The following article discusses one important SEO tip, the keyword research. In addition to finding a fitting domain name it would help increasing the ranking of a webpage. The keyword research plays a vital role for SEO. How to make a good keyword research with better results and the advantages of using it, will be reviewed in this article.

You may now have the question: “I want to know how to make a website technically. Why is it first more important to know about keyword research?” That’s a good question. The technical part is coming later in the series. As you saw in the first part many things depend on a good planning. This is also true for the SEO. It should be noted that will be discussed until later in the series more accurate. was seen in the first part of the series, it is particularly in the design. It is also true for the SEO, a good planning is the key and O.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for the term search engine optimization. With SEO it will be tried to be displayed on the first places in a search result of search engines. Through a search engine optimization the webpage is attempted to land on certain requests on the first place(s) without paying for an ad, of course. However, it should not be forgotten that for the achievement of the first places no direct money is to pay. But to play above often much time and money has been take in the hand.

Why Should SEO be done?

The question is exactly: “Why should I just use ads by using search engine marketing (short: SEM)?” You ultimately want to be found, and search results are a great traffic source. So, what is better SEO or SEM? The answer of these questions can be found on the one hand by the general user behavior of searchers and the other, on the total cost of the ad(s) in a longer period. Generally receive impressions of an ad lesser attention than normal results (also organic search results called).

Thus, the Conversion Rate (short: CTR) is lower than in the organic results. In addition to possibly wrong using keyword(s) for the ads and the rather lower valuation of the user for them, visitors of an add leave a webpage often faster. Another issue is the cost of the ads themselves. The higher the “competition” is, the more expensive it is. When an ad is used for a long time, the price can be quickly driven up.

Basics of SEO

Basically, it should be understood how webpages are read and evaluated by the search engines. All indexed websites of a search engine has been detected in a so-called web-crawler and are stored on certain factors. Each ranking factor has a certain weight and will be used for the calculation of the position in search results by comparing all factors of different webpages. With SEO it will be tried to optimize the individual factors to get on the top placements for defined keywords. Ann Smarty has tried to list all parameters for google’s algorithm in the Search Engine Journal. It turns out that actually many factors are crucial for SEO. One important role have the chosen keywords.

However, before it goes to the optimization of the relevant factors, one should always think about when the webpage should be listed above. It is also necessary to know whether it is possible to land on the top rankings with a meaningful effort. With this I want to say that with the term slippers you will have it very difficult. The reason is too many suppliers. Especially large companies like Amazon®, etc. would increase the costs enormously. The term wooden slippers could be potentially suitable.

Before the creation of content an analyse is really necessary. The so-called Keyword Research hilt to give an assessment. You get the information of how high are the monthly searches and how high is the competition of the keywords. The higher the competition, the harder it is to land in the top spots. If the avg. requests are too low, the search engine optimization is hardly worthwhile. The cost would be too high to get a small result.

Keyword Research – An Overview

In my opinion there are two phases in the keyword research field, a unique and long-term phase. The first phase will be used to find on the subject of the webpage a right domain name. The phase should also not be skipped, if the domain includes the company name, or brand name. The domain name is indeed clearly defined, but more keywords for the title of the website are urgently needed. The second phase is basically a continuous phase. The created content should be checked for appropriate keywords. The check on keywords should maybe checked at certain intervals again.

The Procedure For Keyword Research

For the analysis, a tool is of course necessary. For this, the keyword analyzer from Google® is used. By using the tool you can search in various ways according to the keywords, eg. using one or more proposals for a keyword.

Keyword Research Example: Buy A Bike
Keyword Research Example: Buy A Bike

The shown example here was tested with the keyword “buy a bike”. The picture does not show, of course, the overall result of the result. However, it displays the information that is important for a keyword research. For any keyword certain information are included: (1) avg. requirements per month, (2) the competition, (3) proposed bid for an ad, etc. The important information for the keyword research is point one and two for each keyword suggestion.

The average search per month should be at least about 500. If the value is lower, then the effort of SEO for this keyword is not worthwhile. Is the competition for a keyword too high and the search per month is also at 500, the effort is probably too high. This should be an individual decision for each keyword. The decisive factor is the importance of keywords. The term ‘buy a bike’ has an avg. requests per month of about 4.400 and the competition is high.

However, you can also see on the display of the months (upper area in the picture), the number varies depending on the season. In my opinion the decision for or against such a keyword would depends on the language case of the webpage. In this case a better keyword could be used which fits more to a niche with lesser competition and maybe (often) with lesser requests per month.

Furthermore provides the keyword research the advantage that it offers many different suggestions for a search term. About this information you will be very grateful to one or more researches, because to many keywords you won’t come willingly.

Conclusions From Keyword Researches

About the keyword research keyword ideas can be reviewed and changed. Often the idea is only the beginning and new ideas develop from it. Frequently, ideas for new content arise. Using the results of the research part of the page optimization (see also SEO tips) can be done wonderfully. However, it should also be thought about when choosing an appropriate keywords, if the keyword you enter corresponds to the content. It should not be tried by hook or crook, to integrate a keyword that is not fitting to the language of the webpage. It is important that every decision dependents on the ratio between the number of searches and the competition.